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Dalljiet opens up on her equation with ex-husband Shalin Bhanot.

Dalljiet Kaur opens up on her wedding preparations, ex-husband Shalin Bhanot’s reaction and their son Jaydon.

Actress Dalljiet Kaur is all set to tie the sacred knot with her UK-based fiancé Nikhil Patel. This would be the actress’ second marriage, post her divorce with actor Shalin Bhanot. The ex-couple also have a child together. In a new interview, Dalljiet shared that her ex-husband is ‘very happy’ about the wedding.

In a conversation with ETimes, the actress shared, “Shalin is very happy about my wedding. Shalin and my relationship is very cordial now. In fact, I get angry with him the most also sometimes but I will always wish good for him. I want him to grow in life and I am very happy that he’s at a stage in life where he’s doing very well career wise. His show is going to come out soon and the launch is on March 18. He’s a good actor, fabulous dancer and very hardworking.”

She added, “He got what he wanted and I am very happy that he will be busy and doing work. I just have good wishes for him. I think he deserves all that he’s getting now and I wish him all the best. He is a good actor and finally he has got a good platform. He is very happy about my wedding and new life. Whenever he meets us, he meets very warmly and he’s very happy for Jaydon.”

Speaking about her son Jaydon, the actress shared, “I hope the decision I have taken for Jaydon proves right. He’s very excited about the wedding. He has been sleeping with his naana naani because he wants to spend most of his time with them before we leave for Kenya. He’s going with Nikhil tomorrow to get a similar haircut, he wants to twin with him. He’s ready to explore Kenya and his new school. He gives me a lot of motivation and watching his excitement makes me feel relieved.”

Speaking of her wedding, she shared, “My wedding festivities will start on the 16th. We will have functions on 16,17,18. It is going to be a private affair. I am doing it with only close family and friends. It will be small functions. The wedding is going to happen on March 18.”

She added, “My groom Nikhil is very excited and he’s currently in FOMO because he’s travelling due to work and he’s not here to watch the preparations. So, he keeps asking kya horaha hai and if he doesn’t get an answer from me, he asks my mom or my sister. He wants to be a part of everything.”

Dalljiet and Shalin had got married in 2009 and then had a son in 2014. In 2015, the former filed for a divorce accusing Shalin of domestic violence and multiple other reasons. The duo co-parent their child and have a cordial equation now.

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