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Asha Parekh says that she is not interested in playing the roles of mother or sister in movies.

Asha Parekh has raised her concerns about the lack of good roles for senior female actors in Bollywood.

Legendary actresses Asha Parekh and Tanuja think that Bollywood favours its heroes over heroines. They feel veteran male actors still get important roles, whereas nothing new is being written for senior female stars. Parekh and Tanuja were interacting during a session of Maitri: Female First Collective where the two discussed their careers and the challenges that women faced in the industry. Asha Parekh said for women back in those days marriage meant an end to their careers.

“For women those days it was like if they got married, their career was finished. Now it is not so. So the hero’s maybe 50 or 55 years they are working with 20-year-olds and that is acceptable till today,” Asha Parekh was quoted as saying. She even gave the example of Amitabh Bachchan and said that although filmmakers are coming up with roles for them, they have been sidelined totally.

“Today, Mr Amitabh Bachchan, at this age also, people are writing roles for him. Why aren’t people writing roles for us? We also should be getting some roles which are important to the film. That’s not there. Either we are playing mother or sister Who’s interested?” To this, Tanuja added, “Or now we’re given grandmother roles.”

They even pointed out the lack of basic amenities when they were young and just started working. They mentioned that Modern studios just had one bathroom and they were not in a good condition.

Tanuja added that women today can openly say about the lack of bathrooms, but back then it was like “don’t talk”. Parekh added, “Now we have vanity vans, so today even now we have 15 girls are there in the crew, it’s not a problem. But at that point, we didn’t have enough toilets.”

The actresses even pointed out the pay disparity in Bollywood. “Even Hollywood has not been able to do it,” Tanuja said.

Tanuja has appeared in several movies like Anubhav, Do Chor, Mere Jeevan Sathi’ among others, whereas Parekh gained fame with her iconic movies like Teesri Manzi, Caravan.

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