Archana Gautam was the third runner-up of Bigg Boss 16. (Photo: Instagram)

Archana Gautam also recalled how she was ‘heartbroken and shattered’ after moving to Mumbai because she had no money.

Archana Gautam, who emerged as the third runner-up of Bigg Boss 16, has become a popular name. The model-turned-politician was often hailed as one of the most entertaining contestants in Salman Khan’s show. While Archana is enjoying the success of Bigg Boss 16, in a recent interview, she opened up about her struggling days and revealed how she survived in Mumbai with no money.

Archana Recalls Her First Job For Rs 6000 

Archana talked about her first tele calling job and revealed that she used to earn Rs 6000 per month back then. “I paid my rent, expenses and everything in that amount. I would travel in bus for my job,” she said. However, when the company got shut down, that was when Archana decided to take part in a reality show in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

“Ravi Kishan, who was one of the judges, spotted me there and suggested I try acting. But I had not seen myself as an actor. I always felt I am not that beautiful to become an actress but he told me that I have it in me. That was the time I felt I could do something in life. I, along with my father and brother, came to Mumbai,” she added.

Archana Gautam Recalls Getting Bitten By Rats 

Archana recalled staying in a Mumbai chawl because she had ‘no money’. She revealed how she used to cover her whole body before sleeping to protect herself from getting bitten by rats. “I rented a place in Mumbai and it was in a chawl. The roof was such that in the afternoon it would get too hot and I couldn’t sleep or stay inside. During the night there were rats in that locality, they would bite my feet while sleeping. I stayed there with such difficulty and have survived just on vada pav or Dabeli because I had no money. I would cover my whole body to save myself from getting bitten by rats,” Archana told E-Times.

When Archana Used To Travel To Surat To Earn Rs 5000 

During the interaction, Archana also recalled how she was ‘heartbroken and shattered’ after moving to Mumbai because she had no money. She used to visit malls to get some relief from the hot weather. “It was very tough to stay in my rented house and I would go to malls to get relief from hot, humid weather. I would travel to Surat for shoots and change 100 sarees in a day to get Rs 5000 as payment. Kamar dard, pair mein dard hota tha. I used to feel disheartened and wondered if I’d be able to make it,” she shared.

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