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Darshan Raval answers if it is easier to become a singer in today’s time because of social media. (Photo: Instagram)

Darshan Raval says people in India do not want to take music as a career option but only as a hobby.

Having sung chartbuster tracks like Chogada, Piya Re and Teri Aankhon Mein, singer Darshan Raval has gained a massive popularity among the young audiences. However, not many would know that Darshan was in class 10 when he decided to become a singer. In an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, Darshan revealed the same and shared how people in India do not want to take music as a career option but only as a hobby.

“As a career, people do not take music seriously. They will ask you to become an engineer or a doctor, something with which you can get a ‘job’,” he told us. On being asked if the same was the case with him too, the 28-year-old singer nodded positively and added, “Yes yes, it is the same for everybody because considering this (music) as a career also, you don’t know what might happen. It was there with my family too. But I knew nothing else. I was never interested in anything else. After class 10 or 11, I realised that I should do this. I thought to explore opportunities in this field.”

Sharing further details about the same, Darshan revealed how his father wanted him to become an IAS officer. Therefore, before taking singing as a career option, Raval was in an engineering college. It was when he was ousted from this college, he decided to explore opportunities in music. “When I was ousted from engineering, he (Darshan’s father) was also upset for six or seven months because back then, we didn’t know that I’ll get this much love someday (in singing). It was just, I wanted to do it. But then I was also prepared that if I fail from here, it is going to be my responsibility,” he said.

However, Darshan also says that his father is very proud of him today. “Sometimes when he is emotional he tells me, ‘good that you did it’. That’s enough for me,” he shared.

“I see a lot many people writing on social media that their families or parents do not allow them for such career options. I just want to say, nobody allows this because parents feel that this is a competitive space where you don’t know what might happen. Parents want to find a secure way for their kids. Before the world, you have to build confidence in your parents that you can do it,” he added.

While Darshan has had his own share of struggles, a lot of people think that it is easier to achieve success in today’s time because of social media. Asked about the same, Kamariya singer argues that social media might help somebody in getting a single hit song but it cannot guarantee a successful career.

“I think it has become easier to achieve one song hit for anybody. One of your songs can go viral in today’s time. But it is difficult for people to have an audience with that. For that, they have to work hard. You don’t know what works well for you. It’s easier today but sometimes it also becomes difficult when a lot many people are doing it. Today, a lot many people are doing a lot many same things. I think it has always been easier to get one shot success but very difficult to maintain it or make all your songs a hit. That requires hard work,” he explained.

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