Raaj Kumar’s nature made it difficult for his co-stars to get along with him.

Raaj Kumar once made fun of Dharmendra and called him a wrestler.

Bollywood superstar Raaj Kumar was a brilliant actor, but he was also famous in the industry for his arrogance, making it difficult for his co-stars to get along with him during shoots. He was always full of himself and never missed a chance to demean others. However, three actors destroyed his arrogance.

When Dharmendra was new in the Hindi film industry, he got a chance to work with stars like Meena Kumari and Raaj Kumar in the film Kaajal. As soon as Raaj got to know about Dharmendra, he started demeaning him. He made fun of him and called him a wrestler. He further humiliated him by asking whether he was a wrestler or an actor.

Dharmendra got angry at first, but he controlled himself. But after constant humiliation, he stood up and grabbed Raaj by his collar and said he would show him that he was a wrestler. Everyone on the set was surprised to see Dharmendra’s reaction. Later, the director of the film pacified him and handled the situation.

Another incident took place on the sets of the film Oonche Log. The film was released in 1965 and starred Ashok Kumar, Feroz Khan and Raaj Kumar in important roles. Raaj called Feroz and started boasting about himself. He told him that he is the main character in the film, and everyone on the set has to be very careful while working with him. In the middle of the conversation, Feroz stood up angrily and said, “Don’t teach me, you do yours and I’ll do mine.” Raaj was not expecting such a response from him.

When Mehul Kumar decided to make Tiranga, he wanted to cast Nana Patekar and Raaj Kumar in the film. When he contacted Nana, he added a condition that if Raaj said something wrong to him or interfered in any of his ways, he would leave the film midway. Raaj always knew about Nana’s behaviour on the sets. As a result, Raaj stayed away from him during the shoot of the film.

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