It’s never a bad time to come out of the closet, or is it? What about right before going to jail? Well this is exactly what this article is about, Todd Chrisley just blast! Not only was he claimed to be gay  but to have had a long-term affair relationship with his former business partner Mark Braddock. All this happened while he was preparing to report himself to jail for a twelve year sentence, but what happened?

By now you might be wondering, what happened between Todd Chrisley & Mark Braddock aside from business? And two, why is Todd Chrisley serving twelve years in jail at a Florida prison? On the other hand, Mark Braddock, who is fifty seven years old,  testified that he did go through an homosexual affair with Chrisley back in the 2000s. Nonetheless they broke it off, and they remained close until 2012. 

More than a decade ago, Chrisley called the cops on Braddock in 2012. In fact, he used his own platform Chrisley Confessions podcast last Tuesday, to state that there’s no truth to Braddock’s allegations. Some of the things said on this podcast were really shady, not to fall into stereotypes but it was quite a gay drama! Here are all the details between real estate mogul partners in business and out of it! 

A real soap opera 

Something good of the twenty-first century is that all of us can easily create a platform to communicate our version of the facts that involve us. Instagram, TikTok and like in this case, podcasts, have become a way to put ourselves there to the world. In this case Todd Chrisley shared his view in all this drama that could make an amazing soap opera!

Chrisley felt particularly insulted not by being accused of having an affair with a man, but of it to be with “someone who looked like Mark Braddock”. Another thing said at the Chrisley Confessions podcast was that Braddock’s testimony has presented many changes since the allegations began. Honestly, a fragile storyline no matter what the subject is usually shows this kind of inconsistencies. 

Anyway, leaving the gay drama aside a little and speaking of the jail situation, it turns out that the former Chrisley Knows Best star needs to face some charges. In fact the show was canceled for the exact same reason right after he was found guilty on not one but numerous federal charges. Yes, the prison situation has nothing to do with being gay situation. 

In order to give this soap opera a little bit more substance please know that Todd Chrisley is not alone in this and it’s not Braddock we’re talking about. Chrisley and no one less than his wife Julie Chrisley will be reporting to their respective Florida prisons on January 17th. He recently also brought his twenty six year old son to the podcast and talked about the allegations he’s receiving. 

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“Someone that looks like a thumb”

Keeping up with the shady phrases that came up in Todd’s podcast, he did mention being embarrassed of being related to someone who looked like “a thumb”. The sentence was followed by “Someone who says he’s only had sex with his wife and me.” As if this weren’t enough, he mentioned that he wouldn’t be embarrassed by this if he was claimed to have had sex with celebrities like George Clooney. 

Nonetheless, Braddock is definitely not a celebrity like Brad Pitt, instead he has worked for important companies like AT&T and SAP Software Solutions. Obviously, before entering this job where he found  Todd in 2005. While Chrisley is going to jail with his wife, Leslie, who is Braddocks has decided to stick with him despite his infidelities. In fact, they’ll keep working together at a consulting firm.

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