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All is not well between Samantha Ruth Prabhu and producer Chitti Babu. It all started when Chitti Babu made remarks about Samantha’s career. After the release of the actress’ mythological drama Shaakuntalam, Chitti Babu said that Samantha’s career is over. As per a report by Manoramaonline, Chitti Babu said that her “career as a heroine is finished”. The producer added, “She [Samantha] cannot get back to stardom. She should continue her journey doing the offers she gets.” Chitti Babu also accused Samantha of playing the “sympathy” card. “Every time sentiment will not work. If the role and film are good, people will watch. All these are cheap and insane acts. I wonder how Samantha, who lost her heroine status, is suited for the role of Shakuntala. I do not have any interest in Shaakuntalam,” he was quoted as saying.

Following this, Samantha Ruth  Prabhu shared a cryptic post on Instagram Stories. The actress didn’t take any name but fans think that it’s a jibe at Chitti Babu. In a now-deleted Instagram Stories, the actress shared a screenshot of a Google search that read, “How do people have hair growing from ears?” The answer stated that this happens due to “increased testosterone”. Sharing the screen grab, Samantha wrote, “#IYKWIM [If you know what I mean]”.

Well, it didn’t end here. Chitti Babu did make a note of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Instagram entry. Speaking to TV9 Kannada, he said, “She has noticed my ear hair and hair grows in many other parts of my body and I have no objection to study and report on it.” 

Chitti Babu, as per News18, also said that Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s “glamorous days are over.”  “Samantha is not 18-20 years old now. Quite old, so I said she was not a suitable choice for the role of the iconic beauty Shakuntala, what’s wrong with that? Her glamorous days are over and it’s time to move on to supporting roles,” he was quoted as saying.

Chitti Babu also commented on Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s dance number Oo Antava in Allu Arjun’s Pusha: The Rise. As per Pinkvilla, Chitti Babu, in a chat session with Filmy Looks, said, “Samantha did Oo Antava item song in Pushpa The Rise after her divorce. She did it for her livelihood. After losing the status of a star heroine, she is doing whatever offers she is getting. Her career as a heroine is finished and she cannot get back to stardom again. She should continue her journey doing the offers she gets.” 

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