Shiva Rajkumar’s entry, many felt, was the best part of the film.

The bookings for the shows in all the languages, including Kannada, were lower than expected.

The long-awaited Kannada film, Kabzaa, directed by R Chandru, which boasts stars like Upendra, Shiva Rajkumar and Kiccha Sudeep was released on March 17. Since the release of its trailer, the film has been compared unfavourably with KGF films as the tone seemed similar. Not to forget, both are period gangster films. However, many fans argued that the trailer was not enough to give any verdict and one needed to wait for the film. Kabzaa was finally released on 4000 screens worldwide in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

The bookings for the shows in all the languages, including Kannada, were lower than expected, which proved that interest in the movie did not live up to the expectations of the makers. And now that the first few shows have been screened, people on Twitter have been quick to tweet about whether the film appealed to them or not. From most of the reactions, it was safe to say that Kabzaa has had a mixed reaction from moviegoers who have praised some aspects of the film while criticising others.

While die-hard fans of the lead actors enjoyed the film, others felt that the second half lagged and that it tried to unsuccessfully replicate KGF but did not have the same impact. One reviewer even said he felt like walking out of the theatre at one point.

However, unanimous praise was directed towards Shiva Rajkumar’s entry, which many felt was the best part of the film. Here are some of the reviews.

Overall, Kabzaa did not enthral viewers as the KGF films and it remains to be seen how much the movie manages to collect at the box office. The prospects do not look great. Last year was a great one for the Kannada film industry and it managed to rise above its irrelevant nature by delivering hits like KGF2, Kantara and 777 Charlie. It looks like this year started on a bad note for Kannada cinema as its first pan-India release failed to impress most cinemagoers.

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