BTS singer Jimin drops the MV of Set Me Free Pt 2.

BTS singer Jimin dropped jaws with his newly released music video Set Me Free Pt 2. The song is a part of his first solo album Faces.

BTS singer Jimin took our breath away with the music video of his new song Set Me Free Pt.2. Released as part of his upcoming solo album Faces, Set Me Free Pt. 2 is a breathtaking work of art. Starring Jimin solo with a group of background dancers, Jimin sings about setting free from all the shackles. The song feels like a loose thread from ON (2020) was taken and woven into another stunning song.

A few lines of the song read, “I got a good time/Yeah time to get mine/I wandered into a maze/Hennessy and night/I never stop, I never stop/Again, repe-e-eat/I never stop, fuck all your opps/Finally free-e-e,” hinting about liberation. While the lyrics and Jimin’s honey-smooth voice sweep you off your feet, the choreography holds your attention. Watch the video below:

It comes as no surprise the fans absolutely loved the song. However, it was BTS member J-Hope’s reaction that took the internet by surprise. As translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, Hobi took to Weverse and wrote, “really insane.. tore it apart.. ㅠㅠ jonna [freaking/fucking] cool ㅠㅠ.”

Speaking with the song with Consequence, Jimin confirmed that Set Me Free Pt. 2 has a similar vibe as ON. “There is a song called ‘ON’ by BTS. I think you can feel the same vibe watching the ‘ON’ performance as you will watching this performance. You’ll feel that feeling once again,” Park Jimin said.

Elaborating about the performance, Mochi added, “First, we tried to focus on the performance and express the really intense vibe of the song. The key point was freedom — and actually, we were drinking at the time. This is the last track on the album; the last of the emotions. It’s very intense, so I wanted to announce a ‘Jimin solo’ in an impactful way.”

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