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Ahead of her big Bollywood debut, singer Kumar Sanu’s daughter Shannon K opened up about the challenges she had to face being Kumar Sanu’s daughter, the pressure she felt to prove her work and how people continue to judge her basis her family background. In an exclusive chat with India Today, Shannon K said this when she was asked about her experiences, being a famous personality’s daughter. “Yes, it’s a lot of pressure because I have to always prove myself everywhere I go that I am not here because of my dad’s name. I am actually here because of my accomplishments and achievements. Certain media like to portray me as Kumar Sanu’s daughter. That sort of cuts down all my credibility, which I find hurtful because I have worked a lot. I have dealt with depression; I have faced discrimination and racism while I was abroad in the initial stages of my career. I have worked at restaurants and cafes. I am still struggling to get to where I want to be. Despite being Kumar Sanu’s daughter, I have my own identity. I am a little different to what my father does.”

While talking about her father, Shannon K also shared that her father Kumar Sanu doesn’t not like to use his connections in any way to support his children, because if he had done it, then Shannon K’s first movie would be backed by a big production house like YRF or Karan Johar.

“A lot of people have this misconception that it is an easy way for me to get into the industry because my dad is a well-known personality. But it is actually the opposite. He is somebody who doesn’t like to use his connections in any way to support his children and I respect that very much. At the end of the day when I have accomplished something, I don’t want to be like ‘oh wait, I had my dad’s backing.’ Everything that I have achieved so far is solely based on my hard work. I have definitely struggled a lot. If I hadn’t, I would be signed by a major production house like YRF or Karan Johar. That would have been my first movie. But I am not,” Shannon K noted.

The 21-year-old also revealed that it’s easier for children of actors to get into acting than that of singers. Talking to India Today, she said, “Singers in the Bollywood industry stand a little lower than the actors. So, when it comes to actors’ kids, it’s pretty easy for them (to get jobs in the industry) because everything is just planned. But being a singer’s daughter and getting into acting out here in Bollywood was all me.”

Shannon K started her career as a singer with the pop single A Long Time in 2018. She also featured as an actor in the Hollywood movie The Big Feed in 2020. Currently, she is gearing up for her Bollywood debut with Vivek Sharma’s film Chal Zindagi.

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