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A look at Moonbin’s memorable moments with his ASTRO members.

Moonbin, a member of the ASTRO K-pop group, passed away on Wednesday. The singer shared a close bond with his fellow ASTRO members.

K-pop idol Moonbin’s death has left the entire Korean musical and entertainment industry in major shock. The 25-year-old was a member of the boy band ASTRO, a five-member group under the management agency Fantagio consisting of MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eunwoo, and Yoon Sanha. Moonbin has also appeared in multiple hit K-drama shows including Boys Over Flowers and Moment of Eighteen.

In his professional career, there have been several unforgettable moments when the ASTRO members laughed, played, and jammed together, which will forever remain etched in fans’ memories. Here’s remembering a few of them:

Moonbin and Sanha

Remember the time when Moonbin and Sanha were trying out snacks but couldn’t stop dropping food? The duo was eating noodles and it was initially Sanha who kept spilling the food all over the place. Moonbin who was amused by his partner’s funny antics couldn’t control his laughter and also ended up dropping noodles from his mouth. This kick-started a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Moonbin reveals his most embarrassing moment

During the shooting of a variety show with band members of ASTRO, Moonbin asked all the participants to guess the most embarrassing moments of his life. Everyone came with hilarious stories, starting from his pants getting ripped during a performance and an embarrassing bathroom encounter. Eventually, the K-pop idol revealed that he felt most embarrassed during one of his medical examinations when he was getting a colonoscopy, lying in the fetal position and the doctor kept asking him awkward questions, before playing their band’s song.

Moonbin screaming at Eunwoo

When band members of ASTRO were boarding a ride, Moonbin began filming them from above. Member Eunwoo kept screaming from below asking the former to turn off the camera but hoping he’d be able to hear it.

Moonbin’s funny antics on stage

Moonbin’s funny antics on stage have always left fans in splits. Be it the crazy ‘aegyo’ that almost left member MJ choking on water, or the time he cutely said, “Binnie dreamed of a ghost. I popped in my pants because I was so scared,” his hilarious personality has always been much loved.

Moonbin playing ‘Shout In Silence’

Moonbin playing the ‘Shout In Silence’ game with member Eunwoo is one of the funniest moments of the group. The latter kept dropping hints to him, some were guessed correctly. However, there were several moments when Moonbin got so confused that Eunwoo unintentionally kept using his hands, which is barred in the game’s rules. It quickly turned into a house of chaos when Moonbin kept guessing all the wrong answers.

Rest in peace, Moonbin, we miss you.

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