ASTRO member Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua pens an emotional letter after his death.

ASTRO member Moonbin died on April 19. A heartbreaking letter by his sister Moon Sua surfaced online.

Letters written by Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua and his fellow ASTRO members JinJin and MJ following the K-pop idol’s death have surfaced online. Moonbin died on April 19, Wednesday, at the age of 25. The funeral service was private, with only friends and family allowed to visit. However, on Monday, Moonbin’s agency Fantagio announced that they’ve set up a special memorial space to honor him and fans can visit it until the end of this month. After the memorial space opened, fans in South Korea shared pictures of the letters by Moonbin’s family and friends pinned to a tree near the venue.

As translated by ASTRO fans, formally known as AROHA, Sua confessed in her emotional letter that she cried a lot since the news of Moonbin’s death was revealed but she is going to try smiling now. She requested him to watch over her and prayed that he was at peace.

“Oppa, it’s me, your one and only precious younger sister, Sua. I’ve also come!! I’ve cried so much so I’m going to stop crying! Now I’m going to smile a lot. I’ll do what I want and be happy so I hope that you are also at peace and happy there too. Please watch over me to see if your younger sister is doing well!! I’ll live well, including your part. Don’t stop me. But when I’m having a hard time, I’ll come complain to you often so you have to accept that. You’ve done well all this time. I love you a lot and I’m forever your younger sister. Moon siblings forever,” her letter translation read.

It was also revealed that Sua wrote a letter in a diary kept at the memorial. “To. My forever brother. This is your one & only sister, Sua. How’s it going there? is it comfortable? I hope it’s always warm and peaceful. You look pretty when you smile, so I hope you have a lot of things to smile about. I’ll come back again! I love you today, too,” she wrote, as per a translation.

Moonbin’s fellow ASTRO member JinJin’s letter also surfaced online. In his letter, he promised Moonbin that he will take care of Moon Sua and the family. “Bin! It’s jinjin hyung! A lot of people came. You promised me, right? to live with a smile. Just like you told me, i’m trying to live with a smile like you did. I’m going to start practicing for my musical again and also to eat my meals. I will take care of your mom, dad, and sua so don’t worry. I love you so much my little brother,” he wrote.

Moonbin was found dead in his apartment in Seoul. While details about his death are still unclear, his agency Fantagio urged people to refrain from speculating about the cause of his death.

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