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RRR’s Naatu Naatu created history by winning the prestigious Oscar for Best Original Song this year.

Lyricist Chandrabose also mentioned that the process of making Naatu Naatu was like any other song.

RRR’s Naatu Naatu created history by winning the prestigious Oscar for Best Original Song this year. It came as a proud moment not just for the film’s team but also for cinema lovers across India. On the Oscars stage, lyricist Chandrabose, who wrote the award-winning song, got only a second to express his gratitude after composer MM Keeravani finished his winning speech. While this left many disappointed, the lyricist has now opened up the same and has said that he has no regrets regarding his speech on the stage.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Chandrabose expressed his happiness at being able to share a small moment on the Academy Awards stage. He revealed while MM Keeravani was given 45 seconds to speak, he only spoke for about 30 seconds when the music started playing in the background. On the other hand, Chandrabose got not more than a second to express his feelings. “The only word I uttered was namaste and that was enough to create history,” Chandrabose said.

“I know that winning the Oscar is enough, but for me, words are my treasure as well as my strength. Saying that one word made me extremely happy and proud. Namaste became history. That’s why I always say that we don’t need hours to make history. Even one second is enough,” he added.

On being asked about how he created this iconic song, Chandrabose mentioned that the process behind Naatu Naatu was like any other song. According to him, what made it worthy of an Oscar was its ‘local flavour’ The lyricists add that the song has a rural setting and reflects on his childhood memories and the village he grew up in. He said, “Since we incorporated elements of our culture into it, people in the west found it fresh. They loved and embraced it, and I believe that’s the definition of art; it is to take the local culture to the global stage…to popularise our art through international platforms.”

Chandrabose revealed that Naatu Naatu was written in 45 minutes and SS Rajamouli approved it instantly. MM Keeravani worked on it for a long time to make the tune and lyrics in sync. However, once the shooting began, Rajamouli, asked Chandrabose to rework the last rap of the song. The lyricist was then working on the film Pushpa, when he was bound to take a short 20-minute break and change the rap.

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