Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s divorce case with Aaliya Siddiqui has been making headlines for a long time now.

Aaliya Siddiqui exclusively speaks to News18 Showsha about why she decided to take to social media to shed light on her marital issues with actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Aaliya Siddiqui’s public spat on social media continues to make headlines. It began when she accused her estranged husband of abuse and rape and even verbally attacked him for misusing his power. Earlier, Aaliya had claimed that Nawazuddin ‘disowned’ their children and alleged that the actor’s mother Mehrunisa harassed her by not giving her access to the actor’s Mumbai home. Later, the actor also claimed that his wife only wants money, a charge denied by Aaliya. She further claimed that he has filed for the custody of their children, Shora and Yaani. In April, the court ordered their children to return to Dubai to continue with their studies and asked the parents to join them. Aaliya, on the other hand, recently revealed that she has already applied for divorce but the court has asked them to settle things outside the legal purview.

And now, in an exclusive chat with News18, the Holy Cow (2022) producer, who is currently in Dubai with Shora and Yaani, speaks about why she decided to take to social media to shed light on her marital issues with Nawazuddin. “I had to talk about these things in public because I was suffering a lot. I felt like I would suffocate if I didn’t. The decision taken by the court finally makes me feel I’m at peace. Only I know what I went through mentally. One can imagine the kind of misery a person is in if they talk about their private matters in public,” she states.

However, she confides that fighting in public wasn’t something that she wanted to do. Talking about it, she elaborates, “I still think that I shouldn’t have spoken about these things in public. But when you’re in deep trouble, you’ve to resort to a public forum because you’ve no one to listen to you. Why were wars fought in the olden times? People would carry their swords and other weapons to fight battles. I’m sure that they would have preferred to settle matters through conversations but they couldn’t. When you’ve no one listening to you, you’ve to fight.”

The ups and downs she faced in her personal life didn’t just take a toll on her mental health but also affected her work life. “I took to a public platform because I wanted the media to understand what I was going through. I was going through some really deep difficulties and I wasn’t being able to tell anyone about it. I’ve been going through it for the past 12 years. My career was getting affected. I wasn’t allowed to work. They didn’t allow my career to further and wanted to hold me back,” she reveals.

Aaliya, however, thanks her close confidants for standing by her through the past few years through thick and thin and she credits them for helping her come out of the dark phase. “But a few of my friends and business partner brought me where I’m today. They supported me through all of it. They told me that I shouldn’t lose hope and courage and that I should keep working and turn a deaf ear to those trying to pull me down,” she remarks.

But did the much talked about rift make her a controversial figure that has stopped work from coming her way? “Had the episode affected my career in that way, Amazon Prime Video wouldn’t have given me their platform to release my film digitally. Jo kaam hai, woh kisi cheez ka mohtaaj nahi hota hai. I’ve been doing a good job and people can see that. If our work isn’t up to the mark, we’ll have several excuses to give. I made Holy Cow, got it released theatrically, received a good response and have now released it on OTT,” she avers.

Aaliya believes that had she been an actor, the controversy could have affected her image. “I’m not an actor and so, my personal life has no effect on my work. If you work behind the camera, things don’t affect your career,” says Aaliya, who will soon begin work on the biopic of folk singer, Teejan Bai. ​

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