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A still from Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Everything Everywhere All at Once wins Best Picture at Oscars 2023. Here’s where to watch the film online.

Everything Everywhere All At Once swept the Oscars this year, winning the biggest award of the night — Best Picture. An exuberant twist of anarchy, Everything Everywhere All At Once is helmed by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Dwan and defies every law of coherence and plausibility. As the plot navigates through parallel universes and multiverses, it eventually boils down to be a bittersweet domestic drama with all elements of a marital comedy that highlights the story of a dysfunctional immigrant family and explores the bond of mother-daughter love.

This absurdist action-comedy film that was critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike bagged eleven nominations at the 95th Academy Awards. The movie ended up winning seven prestigious awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress For Michelle Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor for Ke Kuy Quan, Best Supporting Actress for Jamie Lee Curtis, Best Film Editing, and Best Original Screenplay. Haven’t seen the film yet? Know where you can watch the film online.

Where to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once?

This adventurous hype fest of multiverse realities, parallel scenarios, and alternative existences, is now streaming on the OTT platform Sony Liv in India. Those who’ve missed watching the film in theatres can also rent it online on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the story of Everything Everywhere All At Once?

At the center of all the drama is Evelyn Wang (Played by Michelle Yeoh), a young Chinese woman who leaves the country, and now runs a laundromat in America with the help of her husband Waymond (Played by Ke Huy Quan). Evelyn’s life is nothing but a ball of frustration and stress. At the heap of it all is her father (Played by James Hong) who, after disowning her for marrying Waymond, is visiting Evelyn to celebrate his birthday. Meanwhile, her husband is filing for divorce subsequent to an IRS audit. Adding up to it is the outbursts of her daughter Joy (Played by Stephanie Hsu), a teenager with low self-esteem who is dating Becky (Played by Tallie Medel). Evelyn is lost when it comes to dealing with Joy’s teenage troubles and sexuality.

The movie begins in an almost-realism world but drops hint at the cosmic chaos that’s set to erupt soon, however, it is Evelyn’s mundane family chaos that adds drama to the plot. The massive twist arrives when Evelyn and Waymon meet Deirdre (Played by Jamie Lee Curtis), who is an IRS bureaucrat. The tax deduction problem triggers an absurd journey that opens to different universes for the entirety of the rest of the movie. Waymond who is a timid guy turns into a space commando, and Evelyn has to train herself to jump between universes for a deadly battle of martial arts mayhem.

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