Ram Charan talks about entering politics.

Ram Charan opened up about his plans to join politics. The actor, whose father Chiranjeevi tried his hand at it but did not succeed, said that politics is not on his mind.

RRR actor Ram Charan has no plans of joining politics. The actor made it crystal clear that he wants to pursue his career in the film industry and there is ‘no question’ of joining politics. Charan’s decision of staying clear of politics comes a few years after his father, superstar Chiranjeevi tried his hand at politics but his alternative career did not take off as expected.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave, Ram Charan was asked if he plans on pursuing a career in politics in the future. Charan confessed he can sail only on one boat at a time and that is cinema. When urged further, Charan playfully pleaded to let go of the subject.

“I like to sail in one boat, sir. I know to sail only on one boat, I don’t know what will happen to my crotch if I sail in two boats. I like to sail in one boat and that is the film industry. No question (of politics),” he said, before he added, “Chod do please.”

“I think, for now, I know only acting. I have a production house, I have produced four films and I’d like to do much more in this industry and contribute much more as a film personality,” Charan said.

The RRR star has a few movies in the pipeline. This includes RC15 with Kiara Advani. Charan has also been hinting at talks of a Hollywood movie. The actor, speaking at the conclave, also said that he hopes to make a mark in the Hindi cinema as well. “I really wanted to be a part of Hindi Cinema, to reach out to a larger audience, because back then the only source for all of us was Hindi Cinema,” he said.

It is to see what the future holds for Ram Charan!

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