A still from the video. (courtesy: upasanakaminenikonidela)

New Delhi:

Ram Charan and his wife Upasana Konidela are expecting their first child soon. Upasana recently, in an interview, revealed that she is “due in July,” and like every parent even they are excited. Speaking to Hindustan Times, she added that Ram Charan has been very supportive throughout her pregnancy, and the couple will be using insurance for the birth of their child. “Like every parent, we are also excited. The child will be allowed the freedom to be themselves, but with a certain set of guidelines and responsibility that they actually carry forward because sometimes fame comes with a huge responsibility, and it must be valued.”

Opening up about her relationship with her husband Ram Charan, Upasana said, “Life is not a bed of roses, and with our travel schedules, with the other external sources, with so many people’s opinions, there were very many lows in our life. But then I think standing together and creating a balance, a clean line of communication, reviewing our relationship goals regularly actually strengthened our bond.”

Speaking about health care in India regarding childbirth, Upasana Konidela told Hindustan Times, “Health care is very affordable in our country. We must know the different channels to actually afford it. While I have all this support I know my organization is going to take care of my childbirth. So insurance will cover me. So even I will be using insurance for my child birth.” 

Upasana Kamineni also opened up about how her and Ram Charan’s lives have changed post-Oscar win (RRR song Naatu Naatu won the Best Original Song award). “Life was very different pre RRR. It’s been a three year journey. We got to see a whole different new world and it was a beautiful experience for both of us.” 

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