Confidence and old-school flash in the modern era have become culturally villainized. The ‘great safety movement’ of the internet and the way it has democratized both fame and image-making has made more than one generation now unable to remember that sometimes an apple just falls down in a brighter color and with a whole new flavor than any that came before. In the subculture of swagger, however, these rare fruits are not seen as poisonous but brimming with potential. Enter Reno Davis, Miami’s most unapologetically fly real estate entrepreneur. He is here to remind everybody that standing out, being bold, and dreaming big is still okay.

Reno Davis knows a thing or two about pulling yourself up by bootstraps with nothing but your brain. Long before his own ‘bootstraps’ would include a designer shoe collection to make Carrie Bradshaw weep, he was a landscaper with some New York-sized ambitions. Making his start in wholesale real estate on a whim, he quickly scaled his business and social media presence to a place where diamond-encrusted collaborations with fabled ‘ice-out’ jeweler-to-the-stars Johnny Dang became his new normal.

Aware that he draws attention everywhere he goes with his flashy tracksuits and mile-high hair, Davis encourages people to see that fact as a reflection of the best part of his personality, that most enigmatic apple of all: originality. “I don’t want to be like anyone else,” he states matter-of-factly. “A lot of people copy each other. I tend to stay away from the crowd to be more myself.” With so much of big business these days relying on appearances and perceptions of power, this admirable autonomy in Davis is arguably his greatest superpower. 

When it comes to style, Davis is dripping with it–literally and figuratively. Asked what he looks for in fashion choices when he’s out to buy something, his answer could stand in for what any client who works for him gets too: “I am always looking for the newest drops, whenever I can, that match my brand, which is high fashion. Such as bright, loud clothing and something different from everyone else.” After all, Miami is a sleek, competitive scene all the way around. You do not get to the top of any industry there without having the chops to think outside the box.

With none of the anxieties and imagined pressures associated with trying to outdo the Joneses to inhibit him, Davis can not only express himself more freely via the barrage of Burberry, Dior, and Gucci that adorns him to best advantage every day but also has more mental calm to face challenges. “A lot of people could not have made it out of some of the situations I’ve been in,” he admits. “I’m not afraid of risking everything to have what I want. After all, we all die one day. What you do until that point is up to you”–a mantra as well-crafted and inspiring as Davis’s last outfit!

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