Shammi Kapoor and Neila Devi got married in 1969.

Neila Devi shared that drinking used to aggravate Shammi Kapoor’s short temper more and he eventually changed.

Late Shammi Kapoor’s wife Neila Devi was married to the legendary superstar after his first wife Geeta Bali succumbed to small pox in 1965. Post that, Shammi Kapoor confided in Neila Devi with whom he eventually tied the knots in 1969 at his residence on Nepean Sea Road. Neila Devi got candid about her late husband and about her shy and short temper in a recent interview.

Neila Devi revealed to ETimes that Shammi Kapoor’s temper will only flare up more after indulging in alcohol. The actor would get agitated and get into arguments at parties. She recalled, “I never said anything at that time but in the morning when he was alright, he would ask me what happened last night. I would tell him, ‘You did this and it really upset me.’ He used to feel very bad about it. He used to say sorry, then he tried his level best not to repeat those experiences.”

Further recollecting about Shammi Kapoor’s short temper, Neila Devi added, “Yes, he had a temper. He couldn’t take certain things. Let me put it this way. If anybody stepped on his toes he would react. So in parties, such things used to happen. He used to drink heavily in those days.

But to his credit, the next day, he wanted to know from me what had transpired. Slowly, he changed.”

Besides the revelations, Neila Devi also shared that Shammi Kapoor used to smoke 100 cigarettes a day and how he used to quit drinking between January 1 and January 21 to commemorate her late wife Geeta Bali. She also shared her equations with Babita and Neetu Kapoor. She said, “It’s very nice. Neetu and I haven’t met so much, though. Shammi and I even went to Babita and Randhir’s home a couple of times to sort them out. Chintu (Rishi) and I shopped together abroad when he did a few films with my husband. I am a proud Kapoor bahu. Kapoor khandaan is a lovely family. The youngsters- no matter how rich or popular they are- respect the elders a lot.”

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