‘Cruelest summer ever’
She Came from the Woods
is a 2022 American comedy horror film about summer camp counsellors that accidentally unleash an ancient evil.

Directed, co-produced and co-starring Erik Bloomquist (Night at the Eagle Inn; Ten Minutes to Midnight; Long Lost) from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Carson Bloomquist. Adapted from Erik’s 2017 short film of the same name. Also produced by Cara Buono, Andrew Gernhard and Adam Weppler.


The Mainframe Pictures production also stars Cara Buono (Stranger Things), Clare Foley (Do No Harm; Sinister), Spencer List, William Sadler (Demon Knight), Tyler Elliot Burke, Adam Weppler (Ten Minutes to Midnight), Michael Park, Ehad Berisha, Giselle Torres, Dan Leahy, Sienna Hubert-Ross, Erik Bloomquist, Emily Keefe, Tess Santarsiero, Declan Foley, Coulter Ibanez, Cory Asinofsky, Cody Boccia, Madeleine Dauer, Juliana Davies and Emily Rafala.

Plot synopsis:
In 1987, a group of counsellors accidentally unleash a decades-old evil on the last night of summer camp. As the situation turns bloody, the group is forced to confront what stories are worth telling and what secrets are worth keeping…


In the US, Mainframe Pictures will release She Came from the Woods theatrically in select locations on February 10, 2023.

“The humour, given the body count, is dark and twisted, but there’s a brightness of tone that avoids the high death count ever feeling too grim. This is not a film to be taken too seriously. It’s Gremlins/The Goonies levels of scares with a lot more gore and violence to bump it up to an R rating.” Britflicks

“There are twists and superb moments where, yes, you will see scenes you have seen in other movies, but that all serve the story and push the plot, without cliched asides, ensuring you’re gripped for the outcome. More Sincere than Scary Movie, She Came From the Woods revives the frights of ‘87 with the sensibilities of the roaring 2020s.” The Comic Crush

She Came From the Woods is pure fun. The action is fast-paced, the humour dark and there are many little homages and nods to a decade horror fans hold dear. At times the movie presents itself as if Angela from Night of the Demons is substituting for Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake, which is certainly a good thing.” 3 out of 5, Daily Dead

She Came From the Woods is a frightening, funny flick that perfectly pays homage to the classics and cult favorites of the early years of the slasher genre. The acting is superb throughout, especially from Sadler and Foley, while the directing keeps the tone balance quite well. In addition, the clever script pulls in the expected elements while still bringing original ideas to the fray.” 9/10, Film Threat

She Came From the Woods taps into the same vein as television series VHS 1984 and Netflix movie Fear Street 1978. Tonally, the film falls somewhere between them and there’s enough differentiation for the three to co-exist. Fans of either are likely to have a blast with She Came From the Woods. As fun as the film is, however, and as exciting as some of the kills are, there’s a distinct lag in places and there’s a sense that it’s a fraction too long.” 3 out of 5 stars, The Hollywood News

” …the big horror moments are inconsistently peppered throughout, and much of the second and third acts watch like a setup: getting the right people in the right places. Expanding into an intergenerational conflict, it becomes a surprisingly cluttered narrative that needs a protagonist and a more disciplined edit. The closest we have to a lead, Peter, ends up being side-lined for large sections of it.” Horror Cult Films

“There are creepy touches – like the bags of blood hung from trees around Agatha’s lair, the suggestion that the kids have let their inner evil run loose rather than just been mind-controlled – and plentiful surprises, jumps, splats and ‘80s needle-drops […] It’s light on the nostalgia stuff that weighed down Fear Street (for instance) and too many other Stranger Things-influenced throwbacks…” The Kim Newman Web Site

“The performances are solid across the board and the characters are each given enough depth so that you actually care whether they make it or not (spoiler alert – there’s a surprisingly high body count). The exception is Adam Weppler, who slightly overdoes it as over-compensating bully Dylan […] She Came From the Woods is an engaging summer camp horror that delivers plenty of shocks and scares and should please fans of the subgenre.” 3.5 out of 5, Nerdly

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