A Saviour for Microsoft 365 System Administrators This December is World Cup month. ChatGPT, a new technological monster, has joined this hot topic. Since its testing phase, the brand-new ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm. It has been blowing people’s minds in a variety of ways, from the information package of yesteryear to flying off social media with catchy taglines and offering solutions for any sysadmin operations to quickly writing complex code functions

Since its beta release, Open AI’s revolutionary Chat GPT login has astonished everyone, not just Silicon Valley. In particular, this artificial intelligence chatbot provides instant solutions to every Office 365 operation within a minute, including scripts, debugging assistance, and other features. Despite this, a few Office 365 administrators have expressed disapproval of the new chat GPT, fearing that it will replace manual labor or even Google,

Do we really need to be concerned about this AI-driven application’s sudden success? Most likely, no! The new AI chatbot, in my opinion, has better prospects. People believe that their careers will be doomed by the sudden surge of ChatGPTs around the world. But the truth is that it isn’t! Instruct GPT’s newest sibling is beneficial to evolving technological advancements.

A Quick Look at the Sudden Storm of Flooding: Open AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) model is known as Chat GPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.  Now GPT-4 Login is also Coming soon.

What’s ChatGPT?

  1. The ChatGPT is based on natural language processing methods that respond in a conversational manner. Users can ask questions here, and the AI bot will respond by locating answers using AI in a cohesive and human-like manner.
  2. This AI-driven virtual assistant has a lot of features that might surprise anyone. It made life easier for sysadmins, and here are some ways it helped me with administrative tasks.
  3. The first thing is that every response was realistic. human voice method).
  4. Sysadmins typically have a lot of work to do; All that came up when I tried to search on Google was a list of blue links. Yet, this visit GPT gave the specific response in a page, saving a ton of time.
  5. helped me fix my wrong codes! discarded the complicated queries and received a single, comprehensive solution immediately, debugging everything.
  6. In addition, it provided a comprehensive script package when I requested some PowerShell scripts to automate my Office 365 tenant activities. The majority of administrative tasks were simplified, allowing me to concentrate more on server issues patching.
  7. not only resolved the issues but also provided a thorough explanation of them, making everything simpler to comprehend.

In some cases, sysadmins are required to write documentation that instructs users to adhere to an organization’s security requirements. After I entered my requirements, it produced extensive documentation, among other things. However it was very little clear, it some way or another facilitated my work!

Noticed That There Were No Violent Or Harmful Responses

Additionally, when multiple cases are triggered, more on load will remain hidden. Now that everyone had picked up their ball, I could play hard. As a result, I asked the AI bot a few mind-bending Office 365-related questions that were both straightforward and slightly complicated. Let’s discuss what it brought now!

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A Simple Initial Check:

Find Every User in Your Office 365 Tenant An Easy Initial Check: Find all of the Office 365 users that are available in your tenant. Let’s play harder now! I asked the AI bot to locate all Office 365 tenant users as part of the test. Additionally, it provided an illustration by listing all Office 365 users using the MSol cmdlets. Probably, the expected response from a bot; therefore, verify! Getting Deeper: Get All Office 365 Clients Utilizing Microsoft Chart

Because of the belittling of Purplish blue Promotion and MSol cmdlets on 31st Walk 2023, it means quite a bit to switch over to utilizing Microsoft Diagram cmdlets. Sadly, since this AI model was trained on data from more than a year ago, we cannot anticipate this. Therefore, using Microsoft Graph to obtain scripts from the start is impossible!

Therefore, the bot insisted on obtaining all Office 365 users using Microsoft Graph. Additionally, the result was produced using Microsoft Graph, so let’s verify this as well! ✅


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