You can deny this if you want, but deep down you know that nothing beats werewolf pack books, especially when there’s steamy romance involved. And even though werewolves are supposed to be spooky and fierce, ours are simply enticing and gentle, making their stories wholly absorbing.

Paranormal romance books with kickass heroine are usually the ones that completely trap you in, making you root for the female protagonist while anxiously waiting for her next move. These kinds of stories are usually the ones that show us the growth of the character. From a fragile, small she-wolf, she becomes a fierce, powerful Luna, loved and respected by all the members of the pack.

All it takes is for you to dip your toes a little into werewolf romance and, next thing you know, you’ll be awake all night, reading page after page. The novels are powerful and engaging, they present a fantastic world where the unthinkable becomes feasible and where love and power know no boundaries.

The most intriguing part for me in werewolf romance books is the mating process. I absolutely love the idea of love at first sight taken to a whole new level. The characters simply meet, fall in love and stay together forever. If this isn’t a utopia, I don’t know what is.

 Five Werewolf Romance Books About Mate You Can’t Stop Reading

Are you howling for werewolf romance books? Say no more. Here are some of the most intriguing, hot, werewolf stories.

Book Name: The Silent Alpha (Ivory Twin Series #4)

Blurb: Natalia is the respected and beloved human Luna of the Silver Crest Pack. Her mate, Alpha Christian wants nothing more than to have his alpha heir, but even if he and Natalia have been trying for months, the Moon Goddess hasn’t blessed them with a son yet. Or so he thinks!

Not being aware of his wife’s pregnancy, he cheats on her with Vanessa, her sister, causing Natalia to run away with her unborn child. Years later, she meets Zane, her new mate. Will he manage to heal her soul?

Pros: I really love the plot of this book! You can really tell that this is one of those really good werewolf romance books. The betrayal, the runaway, the new love, and hiding from your past, are all motifs that create a wonderful narrative.

Book Name: Her Triplet Alphas

Blurb: Chasity is the unpopular she-wolf of a pack whose gambling, drug-addict parents abandoned her when she was merely a child. She is poorly treated by the pack, having to cook and clean in order to pay some of her parent’s debts.

On her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is mated not to one, but three alphas, the identical triplets: Alpha Alex, Alpha Felix, and Alpha Calix Thorn. These rich, gorgeous werewolves have always tormented Chasity, but now, being pulled by the bond mate, they are filled with regrets and lust toward the girl. They will have to do everything in their power to convince her to stay in the pack and become their Luna. Will they have their happily ever after?

Pros: Four people, three possible relationships with hot, steamy romance that will blow your mind. I love the fact that there is this quick, mind-blowing transition from hate to love in mere hours and that the sexy Alphas must do everything in their power to atone for their sins. Chasity really makes them work for their redemption.

Book Name: Alpha Killian

Blurb: Alpha Killian Desmond is the most feared leader among werewolf packs. His cruel reputation has reached the ears of all males and females around the world and everyone tries to stay away from him. Werewolves don’t wish to cross his path and she-wolves don’t want to be his mate.

With the Moon Ball approaching, every singer member of every pack comes hoping to find their mate. Alpha Killian makes no exception. Claire is a shy girl, who lived a simple life as the daughter of the Beta. When the ball finally comes, the girl will find herself thrown into Killian’s arms. Will Claire tame the beast?

Pro: Alpha Killian may be a fierce leader, perhaps even brutal, but when being around Claire, he becomes this soft little wolf, ready to purr under her touch. It’s a great read, maybe one of the best werewolf romance books..

Book Name: The Luna Trials (Moonrise Kingdom#2)

Savannah is a young, beautiful woman whose mate actually tried to kill her family. Devastated, the girl makes a vow to not love or feel anything anymore. To her surprise, Lycan King of the Northern Kingdom comes and asks for her hand in marriage. Needing the king’s support for her pack, Savannah decides to accept his proposal.

In a wicked twist of events, upon arriving in the North, the girl learns that the king never expected her to agree to marry him and he invited twelve other brides to compete for the position of Luna of the North. Now she has to decide whether she returns home or if she will make him regret the day he dismissed her so easily.

Pros: If you’re into paranormal romance books with the kickass heroine, this is a tale for you. Even though this is the second book of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. I enjoy Savannah’s character as she really is an impressive heroine, powerful and witty.

Book Name: The Perfect Luna (Moonrise Kingdom#1)

Being a devoted Luna for her pack didn’t help Riannon much. Her husband of six years brought his true mate, Roxy to the packhouse. He swears he doesn’t want anything to do with her, but Riannon knows better.

In less than twelve months, everything she built, shattered right in front of her. Even more, the new Luna, Roxy, gives an order for Riannon and everyone still loyal to her to be murdered in cold blood. Fortunately, the Moon Goddess decided to return Riannon to the moment when her life took a turn for the worse, offering her the chance to change the outcome. Things get heated from now on. Will she still want her husband, or will she go after her true mate, the Lycan King?

Pros: It’s a great story with second chances and do-overs. You get the same fierce heroine who uses all her powers and skills to undo what others have wronged. Wait no more, read werewolf romance books. They’re fun and engaging, and, trust me, the stories truly brighten your day.

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