People applied for a significant amount of house building loans in Bangladesh. Banks also provide loans in the shortest period possible to boost their business. But why do they encourage their subscribers to take loans? 

One of the reasons is retaining their profits and reserve. In the trade, loaners have opportunities to become the owners of their property. The real estate development had an expanded growth in 2022 from these loans.

Today, we will focus on some types of house-building loans in Bangladesh. That said, we will better learn the trends and challenges regarding home loans.

What is House-Building Loan?

Housebuilding loans and construction loans are two of a kind. House building loans are short-term loans used to construct a residential building. 

The buyer takes out a construction loan to cover his expenses before buying. However, construction is a risky process. So, house-building-related loans have higher interest rates than traditional mortgage loans.

Different Types of House Building Loans

Banks provide house-building loans to bear the expense of the land, material, labor, and other supplementary services. The loan can choose from any custom offering from the bank. 

Not to mention the banks follow specific guidelines approved by the government. Therefore, we will focus on the universally adopted procedures to understand house-building loans in Bangladesh. 

First, we will know some types of house-building loans.

  • Construction-only Loan: 

A construction-only loan covers the cost of building the home for the time it takes. The whole loan amount becomes typically due after building the house. And the borrowers could pay cash to cover the amount. Also, they can take out a separate mortgage.

  • Construction-to-permanent Loan: 

The construction-to-permanent loan differs from a construction-only loan to a traditional mortgage when the house is built. The loan allows the buyer to only deal with one round of paperwork and easily transition to a mortgage upon the end of the home’s construction.

Renovations loans finance the costs of significant improvements to present homes. The loan can add rooms, garages, swimming pools, etc., with this loan. Renovation loans are meant to build the additional facilities of a home instead of making the entire home.

  • Owner Builder Construction: 

Professional builders can get this loan to build their own homes. The loan could finance your project in an owner-builder construction loan.

How Will the Cost be Divided in House-Building Loans?

Since house-building loans help one make his living place, it includes the expense factors needed to construct a building.

  • Land Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Material Cost
  • Inspection
  • Appliances Cost
  • Landscaping Cost

Who are The House-Building Loan for?

The house-building loans will help people who want a fully custom-built home for their family. The pre-constructed homes do not appear in the loan. 

However, there are conditions to be maintained in the loan statement. Some financial corporations offer loans without procurement costs. 

Government n employees can leverage some extra benefits in terms of loans.

House Building Loan Features

  • Loan facility up to 80% of the estimated construction cost
  • The flexibility of choosing loan tenure of up to 25 years
  • The attractive interest rate with no concealed cost
  • Accepting approved construction plan from the municipal authority
  • Expert technical and legal suggestions from engineers and lawyers.

Documents Needed for House Building Loans

  • Employment certificate/Salary certificate
  • Pay slip (Last three months)
  • Bio-Data (income-earner) / CV.
  • Acknowledgment receipt of income tax return
  • Bank Statement (last 12 month
  • Business Card
  • Ownership documents and approved plan
  • Other loan statements (if any)
  • Copy of E-TIN Certificate.
  • Copy of NID
  • Photo of applicant & co-applicant.
  • Loan Processing Fees.

Eligibility Required for House-Building Construction Loan

Any salary or self-employed person can take a house-building loan. The standard requirements are:

  • The loan takers must be 21 years or older
  • They must have a regular income source
  • They need to ensure with saving history
  • Their monthly gross income will determine the loan amount

Difference Between Home Loan vs. House Building Loan

Despite the two definitions, the loans are almost similar except for some points. When you apply for a house-building loan, the bank only pays some of the money at a time. Instead, the bank will pay you new money after each phase.

How do house-building loans work?

The house-building loan process goes through some sequential steps.

  • The borrower submits financial plans, project durations, and other required papers. 
  • The borrowers take funds in conjunction with each project phase
  • An inspector assesses the build at critical intervals to authorize more funds.
  • The borrower repays the loan after finishing construction. He can convert the loan to a permanent mortgage to repay both principal and interest.

Wrap Up

You would not put your life on the edge of the hill after taking a house-building loan. Instead, anyone with a regular income can take loans to build their dream apartment. The development of Bangladesh is having a fantastic time these days. So, it will be better to throw your lifestyle into a modern home with the help of a house-building loan.

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