Urfi Javed claims receiving threat calls from Neeraj Pandey’s office

Urfi Javed took to her Instagram stories and shared the harrowing ordeal with her fans.

Urfi Javed, the internet sensation, has always grabbed eyeballs for her bizarre fashion sense. She even gets trolled many times but this has not affected her. However, today she posted a video on her Instagram stories claiming that she has been harassed by someone from Neeraj Pandey’s office and he has also threatened to beat her.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Urfi shared a video in which she can be seen wearing a mask and sitting in a car. Former Bigg Boss OTT contestant says, “ I am extremely sick and I had to come to the police station because again someone called me and started harassing me that they are going to hit me because of my clothes and then they even knew my car number, so, ugh tired.” The model captioned the video, “Welcome to my life! Just another day, another harasser. l usually ignores such calls but this time they knew my car number, and first, they called me for a meeting and when I realized that they are a scam they started threatening me, all this when I’m like super sick.”

In another story, Urfi Javed wrote, “So someone called me from Neeraj Pandey’s office, saying he’s his assistant and sir wants to meet me-so l just said before meeting he needs to send me all the details of the project and at this, the alleged assistant got really furious that how dare I disrespect Neeraj Pandey. He told me that he knows my car number and everything and I deserve to be beaten to death cause of the kind of clothes I wear. All this because I refused the meeting without proper details.”

Take a look at the screenshots here:

Urfi Javed Makes SHOCKING Allegations, Claims Someone From Neeraj Pandey's Office Threatening Her
Urfi Javed shared her ordeal on Instagram stories
Urfi Javed Makes SHOCKING Allegations, Claims Someone From Neeraj Pandey's Office Threatening Her
She shared all details

Urfi was in the news recently for her statement about Ranbir Kapoor. In response to his comments about her fashion statement, she said “go to hell.” While Kareena Kapoor praised her.

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