Rani Mukerji once talked about the influence of Pamela Chopra on Yash Chopra’s heroines.

Rani Mukerji once got candid about how pivotal Pamela Chopra was in terms of influencing Yash Chopra’s vision for his heroines.

Pamela Chopra, the wife of the renowned filmmaker Yash Chopra, died at the age of 74 on Thursday. Pamela was not just a film producer or a singer but also the driving force behind the exceptional female characters in her husband’s films. Her contribution to the rise of Yash Raj Productions is well-known by the people of the film fraternity. For the docu-series The Romantics, celebrating the legacy of Yash Chopra, Rani Mukerji spoke about her mother-in-law’s influence over the filmmaker’s vision for his heroines

Rani Mukerji reminisced about her childhood memories of her favourite films, which were directed by Yash Chopra, and how his name was synonymous with romance. She recalled iconic images of women in white chiffon sarees against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains, which were engraved in her mind from childhood, with Chandni and Lamhe being her all-time favourites. Rani expressed her belief that the reason Yash Chopra wrote such beautiful parts for women was due to the influence of his wife, Pamela.

“I truly believe it had to do a lot with Pam Aunty’s (Pamela Chopra) influence in his life that drove him to write such beautiful parts for women. I have always been in awe of how he presented his heroines on screen, and secretly always wished to be the quintessential ‘Yash Chopra heroine,’” Rani said in the series.

Rani stated that women in Yash Chopra’s films always had an equal or slightly better role than men, which reflected the filmmaker’s approach of listening to his heart rather than following societal norms. “In Yash uncle’s films, the women always had an equal part or even slightly better part than the men. It speaks volumes about him as a filmmaker that he always listened to his heart rather than conforming to the norms. His immense respect for women always showed in the way he presented his heroines.”

The last appearance of Pamela was in The Romantics, which was released on Netflix. In the series, she extensively spoke about Yash Raj’s hardships, the ups and downs of his career and much more. The Romantics also starred Shah Rukh Khan, Uday Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukerji, Ranveer Singh, Bhumi Pednekar and many more actors.

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